FAQ About Registering



Can I use A-PIM without registering?


A-PIM can be used without registration for 30 days from installation. Check the current registration price at the A-PIM web site (www.cancellieri.org/apim_index.htm)


Is it possible to obtain registrations free of charge?


This is normally not possible. However, if you help the author of A-PIM in the improvement and/or diffusion of the program, you may be rewarded with a free registration. Examples of how you can help: report program errors; review the program or documentation from a linguistic point of view; publish an article with positive feedback about A-PIM in a newspaper or a frequently visited web site.

How do I pay for a registration?


Payment can be done through a secure Internet payment service provider. See A-PIM Registration Policy - How to Register in this guide or check the latest info in the A-PIM web site at www.cancellieri.org//apim-registration-policy.htm.


I would like to use A-PIM either at home and at office. Do I need two registrations?


Yes, but If you register one A-PIM installation, you can have an additional registration key free of charge for your exclusive use.