Launching A-PIM


A-PIM can be started from the 'Programs / All-in-1 Personal Information Manager' entry of the Windows Start Menu.


Immediately after starting A-PIM, if you have not yet registered your installation of the program, the registration window will appear. See The Registration window for instructions on what to do with it.


After you have done with the registration window, if this is your first time you are using A-PIM, you should select the database you want to work with. See Using Databases and Passwords for instructions on how to work with databases.


If you launch A-PIM not for the first time, the program will try to open the database previously used, if still existing in the same folder, otherwise it will prompt you to select the database you want to work with.


If the implicitly or explicitly selected database has a password, you will be prompted for it, otherwise the database will be opened and you can start using it.


After the database selection and password check processes have been terminated, the A-PIM main window will appear, a simple window with a black background and a toolbar (you can later make the tool invisible, if you wish).


There are no fixed drop-down menus in the main window. However you can recall the main context menu in different ways:


         By clicking on the window background with the mouse right button

         By clicking on the  icon of the toolbar


You can quit A-PIM in different ways:


         By pressing the ESC key while no other A-PIM windows are open

         By choosing the "Quit the Program" command in the main context menu

         By pressing the CTL-Q key combination

         By clicking in the "X" box of the main window