Sticky Note Window  





This window is similar to the Content Edit (“Zoom”) Window. It looks like a yellow paper sticky note and can be used as a reminder of something to do, to be kept always open. With this window you can directly edit the item title and content. See the Sticky Note Context Menu for all the functions available.


Note that the Sticky Note is just a normal item with the "sticky note" marker in the "mark" field, which allows it to be shown as a sticky note. The first text box of the sticky note window contains the item's title, the second one the item's content.


You can create a sticky note using the "create sticky note" command in the main context menu, or you can display an existing item in the form of a sticky note by using the "sticky note of current item" command in the Calendar or Table context menu.


At program startup, all the existing sticky notes are automatically opened.


You can manually open or close all existing sticky notes by using respectively the "open all sticky notes" and "close all sticky notes" command in the main context menu.