Database Backup And Recovery


APO automatically creates backup copies of up to three different versions of your database in the same directory where the current database is placed. These copies are named with the ".old" extensions as illustrated in the following example:







All the "old" files are re-built every time APO is started, if the date/time of the most recent "old" file is more than 12 hours older than current date/time.


It is important to save copies of your databases each time you have done important changes or additions. Back up copies should preferably be placed on a different disk, because your disk can stop functioning in any moment, without warning, and you may lose all your data. The database could also be corrupted as a consequence of a blackout or problems with the Windows operating system.


If you need to fall back to a back up version of your database, just copy it in your preferred directory and select that database file at APO start-up.


You can also ask the program to make a copy of the current database with a given name and put it in a given directory (see "Save database as..." command in the Main Context Menu).