FAQ About APO Functionality



I do not see any typical Windows drop-down menus. How can I see all APO user commands?


APO has been designed without the typical Windows drop-down menus in an effort to display at any one time only the information you need to see and only when you need to see them. However, APO features rich context menus that become visible when you click with the mouse's right button on the window you are working with.


Do I need to install Access 2000 in order to work with APO?




Can I work with an APO database using Access 2000 or another Access 2000 compatible program?


Yes, provided you do not modify the data structure of the APO database.


Can multiple users share APO over a Local Area Network?


Yes. However, automatic refresh of information in one user's screen when anther user changes some data in the same database is not provided.


Can I synchronize two APO databases? (E.g. one that I use at home with one that I use in the office)


Yes, you can synchronize the content of a single collection or all collections. For each difference you will be prompted to decide whether to perform the synchronization and in which direction.


Can I lock the program so that nobody can see my personal information when I temporarily leave my room?


Yes. See the "lock the program" command in the Main Context Menu.


Is there an import/export function from/to Microsoft Outlook?


No, it might be developed in the future.


Is it possible to customize the APO data structure? For example, I would like to add some more fields and change the names of some existing fields.


No, it might be developed in the future. However, in the "table" windows, you can hide the fields you do not need to see.