All-in-1 Personal Organizer (APO) is an ergonomic personal information manager (PIM) with three main uses; in fact it can be used as:


1) An organizer, i.e. a tool for managing tasks, contacts, notes and any other kind of information: 

      Information created with APO can be displayed in any of the following ways:


o          Table: i.e. a grid-like panel

o          Calendar: organized by month and day (only for records carrying an expiration date/time)

o          Tree map: i.e. a hierarchical organization structure with roots, branches and leaves

o          Tag map: i.e. a map of text tags aligned to form one or more columns

o          Sticky note: i.e. a window looking like a yellow sticky note carrying a single item of information

o          Random map: i.e. a map of tags randomly positioned and randomly animated (containing text or images)

o          Random item: i.e. a slide show of single tags randomly chosen (with text and/or images)


     Records may include hypertext links to data residing inside or the outside the program (including other APO records, file links and Web links), can be dragged and dropped within a window or between windows, and can be tiled and animated in various ways.


2) An image viewer:



3) A mind stimulator useful for reflection, self-analysis and self-improvement



With more than 20 different window forms, APO gives you in one product all the functions you may ask from a powerful, yet simple to use organizer for home and office use, plus capabilities you have never seen in any other product or even imagined.


The unregistered version of APO can only be used for 30 days from installation. Check the current  registration price at All-in-1 Personal Organizer Registration Policy.

APO has been conceived and developed by Bruno Cancellieri (


See Features for a list of things APO can do.


See also What APO does that other PIMís do not and How APO can improve your life.


Be productive and improve yourself with All-in-1 Personal Organizer!