Random Item Window  



Random item without link to an image



A random item is a window showing a single item in a random position.  The item is normally shown as multicolored text tag carrying the respective title. However, the text tag of an item can be replaced by an image thumbnail if the item has, in its contents, a link to an image file.


The figure below shows an example of random item containing an image.


Random item with a link to an image



Random items can also show the collection and category of the selected item, as in the figure below.


Random item with collection and category visible



Use of random items as mind stimulator


Random items may be used as mind stimulator thanks to features such as:  

See What APO does that other PIM’s do not and How APO can improve your life for more information on how random maps can help you to improve your mind behavior.


Using random items as a quiz coach


Random items can also be used as a tool to learn names and sentences, or answers to quizzes.


For this, you should prepare your quizzes as a set of items putting questions in item titles and answers in the respective item contents.


You can then train yourself to remember the content associated with each title. You can quickly verify the right answer for each item by pointing to the item tag with your mouse and wait about one second to see a ‘cue card’ displaying the item contents.


Starting the random item view (how to choose the items to be included)


These are ways to start the random item view and choose the items to be included in it.  

Positioning of tag


Tags can be positioned automatically or manually. Manual positioning can be obtained by dragging and dropping tags. Automatic positioning is obtained by selecting ‘auto change’ and ‘position change’ in the context menu.


Hearing wave files


If an item has, in its content, a link to a wave file, you can hear this file when the item is selected.


Viewing images


If an item is shown as an image thumbnail, you can view the image in normal size by double clicking on the image thumbnail or using the appropriate command in the tag’s context menu.


Showing random thumbnails of images from a given directory


If you want the random item to show thumbnails of all the images contained in a directory, you have two possibilities:


1) You can use command ‘open random item from pictures in a directory’ in the APO main context menu and then select the directory.


2) You should prepare an item with any title and the following expression in its content:




where DirectoryPath is the directory containing the image files. You should then select that item in a tag map or table and then run the command ‘random item view of current item’ available in the tag map o table context menu.



Use of the ESC key


If ‘auto change’ is on, pressing the ESC key will set auto mode to off, which will stop any automatic change of the random item.


If ‘auto change’ is off, pressing the ESC key will close the random item view.



All Commands and Functions


See Random Item Context Menus for a description of all the available commands and related functions.