Registration Window



APO can be started from the 'Programs / All-in-1 Personal Organizer' entry of the Windows Start Menu.


Immediately after starting APO, if you have not yet registered your installation of the program, the registration window will appear, as shown below.





In order to proceed, you have to select one of the five cases by clicking on one of the small circles. If you do not intend to register, check the first case and then click the "Proceed" button. This should be done every time you start APO. You are not required to register, but if you do not do it, you will not be allowed to use APO for more than 30 days from installation.


If you intend to register, and you have not yet paid the registration fee, you should check the second circle and press the button "Show registration policy...". This will open a web page with the registration policy and instruction for payment.


If you intend to register and you have already paid the registration fee, you should check the third circle and press the "Generate e-mail..." button. This will generate an email to with a unique request code specific of your installation. Send this mail and press the "Proceed" button. If there is a problem with the automatic generation of the email, you can generate the email manually. In this case make sure the request code is included in the email subject and/or content.


If you start APO after you have already the registration fee but you have not yet received your registration key, check the fourth circle and press the "Proceed" button.


If you start APO after you have already received the registration key, check the fifth circle and press the "Enter registration key" button. Then enter your key and, if the key is accepted, the next times you start APO the registration window will not appear any more.


In order to avoid mistyping your registration key, it is better to copy it from the email from which you have got it, and paste it in the input box.