Using APO As Image Viewer


You can use APO as image viewer in two ways:


1)  Select APO as the default program to open files with extension JPG, GIF and BMP.

2)   Run APO, call the Image Viewer function from the toolbar (this  is the icon to be clicked) or from the appropriate command in the main context menu, then choose the image you want to view using the available commands in the Image Viewer window.


The APO Image Viewer is very ergonomic. You can view an image without unnecessary program frameworks, and if the image is larger than the screen, the image will be automatically reduced in order to fit the screen.


If you only need to view a single image, you will only see the image, and then you can quit it by just entering the ESC key, without need to open any command menu. If, instead, you want to access other functions of the Image Viewer, you can use the context menu of the image window to run a slide show or thumbnail panel of all the pictures that are in the same folder as the one already open.


NOTE: All Image Viewer functions are also available in the program Pictoscope, available from


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