How To Update Or Re-install APO



The last version of the program is normally available in the APO web site (


Improvements and new functions are often added, so you may want to frequently check the APO version history available in the web site and see if there are any changes interesting to you.


To determine the easiest way to update APO, look at the note placed under the download link to the "update kit" in the APO web site. This note will tell you which APO version you must have already installed from a full kit in order to be able to use the update kit.

Installing the update kit

If you can use the update kit (much smaller and faster to download and install), it is sufficient to download the update kit and extract its contents into the APO installation folder, replacing the files with the same names as the ones present in the update kit (your unzip software should be configured to replace the existing files with the same names).

Re-installing the full kit

If you cannot use the update kit, reinstall the full kit as follows: